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<   No. 330   2003-12-21   >

Comic #330

1 [caption]: Monday
1 Charity Collector Guy: Hi, I'm raising money for the disabled school. Would you like to buy a box of chocolates?
1 Steve: Crikey! Of course!
2 [caption]: Tuesday
2 Charity Collector Guy: I'm fundraising to give disadvantaged kids tapdancing lessons. Buy a box of cookies?
2 Steve: Definately!
3 [caption]: Wednesday
3 Charity Collector Guy: Help a dyslexic soccer team. Buy a cheesecake?
3 Steve: Sure!
4 [caption]: Thursday
4 Steve: Crikey! Who are you fundraising for today?
4 Charity Collector Guy: Today I'm selling. Worried about your weight? Join our special diet plan!

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Thanks to Glen Barnett for this one. I've been wanting to do this for ages, but Steve got stuck in Nigeria for a long time.

Why don't fundraisers ever sell salads, or fresh fruit, or carrot juice?

2012-11-17 Rerun commentary: This is a serious issue. People at my work are always doing fundraiser stuff for their kids' schools or whatever, and they always do it by selling chocolates or cookies, or some other delicious sweet thing that you really should not eat a lot of if you want to stay healthy.

I really, really don't want to buy boxes of chocolates all the time and end up putting on weight or rotting my teeth because of them! If they did fundraisers that sold apples, I would seriously support them more.

People, get it together!!

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