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<   No. 312   2003-12-03   >

Comic #312

1 Nigerian Finance Bureaucrat: The new King is going to live in Australia? But shouldn't he live here, in Nigeria?
1 Nigerian Finance Minister: Not necessarily. There are advantages to having our monarch living overseas. It gives us access to offshore bank accounts, for one.

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2012-10-27 Rerun commentary: Landmarks thick and fast now! This is the first appearance of the Nigerian Finance Bureaucrat character. Presumably he's some sort of subordinate employee of the Nigerian Finance Ministry. I introduced him because the Finance Minister really needed someone to talk to if he was going to be a recurring character.

You'll notice if you compare this strip and yesterday's that the Nigerian Finance Bureaucrat and Shakespeare wear the same suit. I gave Will that suit originally because it has a slightly old-timey feel, different to the more modern looking business suit - for example the one the Nigerian Finance Minister is wearing (and which Will's boss, Mr Marlowe, wears). And here I wanted a suit that differed from the Finance Minister, to make it easier to tell the characters apart, and at the time I didn't have a wide variety of suits to choose from. So he got Will's suit as well. Yes, their torsos are the exact same LEGO piece, swapped between them as necessary, for the entire run of the comic, not two pieces that look the same.

Like radiation suits, I only have one Shakespeare torso.

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