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<   No. 3394   2015-06-11   >

Comic #3394

1 Serron: I don't understand how in all our travels in space we've never come across any omnipotent godlike aliens.
2 Spanners: Imagine how we must appear to less advanced life forms. Perhaps we are the omnipotent godlike aliens.
3 {beat, all look at Serron}
4 Paris: Okay, now I understand why they were always juvenile and capricious on Star Trek.

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Sometimes I stop and think that we are effectively omnipotent godlike aliens even to human beings from just a century or two ago.

Imagine a person from the 18th century appears in our modern world and you get to show them around. They're astonished that you can enter a dark room at night, simply touch a switch on a wall, and the room is brightly lit. They're amazed that you can touch a small box and music will start playing from all around the room. They're astounded that the room is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

They ask you a question you don't know the answer to, so you pull out your phone and look it up on the Internet. You can answer virtually any question they ask in this way. You can take a picture of their unbelieving face and show it to them, and you can process it to make them look younger or older in the blink of an eye. You can use your phone to see and talk to people who are not only in a different city, but on the other side of the Earth.

You can get them from London to Paris in 2 hours. You can take them on a vehicle and show them what the world looks like from up in the sky. You can take them deep under the ocean. You can put a VR headset on them and teach them to fly like a bird, just by flapping their arms. You can get them to control the movements of a robot with their mind. You can show them what an insect looks like 1000 times bigger. You can perform a minor operation on them with no pain, while they watch.

Our world is a ridiculously, stupidly, astonishingly amazing place, and we have immense powers and capabilities. If you just stop to think about it.

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