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<   No. 3491   2016-05-15   >

Comic #3491

1 Iki Piki: So you acquire all of the characteristics of the beings you assimilate?
2 Cybe: Yes. And being a hive mind, we all acquire those characteristics simultaneously, and act in perfect harmony.
3 Iki Piki: So if you assimilated a species known for graceful movements…?
4 Cybe: We're really good at line dancing.

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Hmmm, bees last time, and hive minds today.

Interestingly, bee hives don't actually have a hive mind of the sort usually meant when talking about it in the context of fiction. The fictional concept takes the real world thing and turns it up to eleven.

This is a good way to produce ideas for fiction, by the way. Think of something slightly weird from nature, and turn it up to an extreme level.

First thing I think of: snails. Okay, imagine animals that have a shell they can seal off against the environment so well that they can survive the vacuum of space. And their tongues are strong and rough enough that they can file their way through metal space ship hulls. Add that to your science fiction universe.

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