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<   No. 3698   2017-07-21   >

Comic #3698

1 Scottish mining engineer: Och, ye glaikit huddies! Ye need tae model the murkiness o' the Loch water.
2 Scottish mining engineer: Ye need tae add something thick and peaty.
3 Jamie: Like this bottle of Islay single malt—
4 Scottish mining engineer: Nae! Ne'er add water tae whisky, ye heathens!

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Islay is an island off the western coast of Scotland, which all by itself makes up one of the five officially designated whisky producing regions of Scotland. The whiskies from Islay are known for being strongly smoky and peaty flavoured.

Adding water to whisky is one of those eternal debates that may never be settled. Just search the Internet for "add water to whisky", and be amazed by the over a million page hits returned. In case that's a bit overwhelming, here's a decent, moderately scholarly one to start on. The general consensus is that adding water changes the flavours you experience as you drink your whisky, but opinions are strongly divided over whether that's a good thing or a bad thing. Our friendly Scottish mining engineer obviously has an opinion.

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