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<   No. 3793   2018-01-04   >

Comic #3793

1 Steve: But crikey! I 'aven't saved the world yet. I still need to wrestle you into submission.
2 Steve: Except now I'm bigger than you. It wouldn't be fair! Or fun!
3 Steve: Crikey! What am I gonna do?!
4 Cthulhu: If I just submit, will you stop talking about it?

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Cthulhu's size is a bit inconsistent between panels because he's a multi-dimensional entity and can do things like that. It's totally not because I didn't bother to make sure he was the same size relative to Steve as I pasted the character images into the grass background.

It's a bit hard to see at this size, but if you look carefully you may also be able to see some of the blades of grass doing geometrically impossible things like some sort of Penrose triangle, passing behind Cthulhu's tail, but then in front of the wing (which is closer to the camera than his tail).

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