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<   No. 3792   2018-01-02   >

Comic #3792

1 Jamie: Visibility from the cameras is near zero. The water is too murky. How deep is the Loch?
2 Adam: About 230 metres.
2 Jamie: And how deep are we?
3 {beat}
4 Adam: Let's just say I'm going to be updating Wikipedia as soon as we get back to the surface.

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Loch Ness is the second deepest lake in Great Britain. The deepest is Loch Morar, at about 310 metres.

The surface of Loch Ness is only 15.8 metres above sea level, so most of Loch Ness is in fact below sea level.

Loch Ness is also the second largest lake by surface area in Great Britain, at 56 square kilometres. The largest area lake is Loch Lomond, at 70 square kilometres.

The fact that Loch Ness is larger in area that Loch Morar, and deeper than Loch Lomond, combine to make Loch Ness the largest lake by water volume in Great Britain, and in fact the entire British Isles. (Ireland and Northern Ireland have a few other larger lakes by area, but none deeper or greater in volume.)

An early 19th century Scottish engineer named Thomas Telford was engaged to design and oversee construction of a navigable canal route connecting Loch Ness and various other highland lochs, into what would become the Caledonian Canal. Part of the required infrastructure was a new wharf at Drumnadrochit to handle the berthing of the larger vessels that would then be capable of entering and traversing Loch Ness. However, in an early case of nimbyism, the people of Drumnadrochit were vehemently against the planned canal and large wharf. When Telford visited the village in an attempt to show them detailed plans for the wharf and argue that it would bring trade and prosperity to their community, the villagers rioted, carrying Telford bodily to the shore of Loch Ness, where they tossed him in, and then proceeded to tear up and discard the plans for the wharf.

In other words: they Loched him up and threw away the quay.

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