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Comic #3806

1 Jane Goodall: All right, what's the second most concentrated source of danger to humanity?
1 Simon: Easy. Nuclear weapons.
2 Simon: We raid Cambridge's Physics department for materials, while they're otherwise occupied, and build one.
3 Terry: Not bird flu, or anthrax, or some other contagion? Micro-organisms are a lot smaller than bombs.
4 Simon: Oh well, maybe, but Physics has a lot better parties than Biochemistry.
4 Bonnie: It's true.

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The Department of Physics at the University of Cambridge is actually known as the Cavendish Laboratory, but I felt odd using that instead of just "Physics department" here.

And I'll admit this is my own physics background bias showing here. As a student in the Physics Department of the University of Sydney, I was part of the organising committee for the student Physics Society. Our major activities were arranging entertaining lunchtime lectures by distinguished guests, publishing a humorous magazine, and organising parties. We had a lot of parties.

At some point we managed to procure an otherwise unwanted hemisphere of clear perspex, about a metre in diameter. As was our wont as students, we used it variously as either an ice bucket for beer, or as a punch bowl. The punch was of course chilled with dry ice. We probably would have tried liquid nitrogen, but the faculty were a bit more careful about letting students get their hands on that for some reason.

And yes, our parties were objectively better than those put on by the Biochem students.

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