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<   No. 3969   2019-04-11   >

Comic #3969

1 Jane Goodall: I think it's time to go to one of those physics student parties.
2 Terry: Right, yes. We don't need to actually build a bomb.
3 Terry: Simon said we just need to concentrate a large amount of risk in a small area.
4 Terry: A student party is perfect.
4 Jane Goodall: I was thinking they could help us build the bomb, but your idea makes more sense.

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If the trees in the background look a bit skinny, blame Lego and the laws of optics. Lego makes their trees with multiple horizontal planes of plastic, separated by gaps, held together on a single narrow vertical trunk of plastic. If you look at them from straight on, they look a bit like combs. And then if they're in the background of a photo where you focus on the foreground, the planes of plastic blur and optically mix with the background behind them, due to the limited depth of field of the camera optics.

Since I'm removing the background and filling it with a cloudy sky texture, I need to decide whether to leave the blurred tree/background mix in the image, or cut it out. For the most part I've cut it out, leaving the bare trunks you can see. But there are also some areas where you can see the result if I leave it in - particularly the pine tree immediately in front of Terry's face in panel 2. You can see the shape of the pine tree, but it's grey, not green.

I might have to come up with some way to handle this particular problem better in future. One way might be to tilt the trees either towards or away from the camera bit, so the separate planes are no longer visible - although this would make it more difficult to set the trees securely. Unless I put Lego hinges on all of them.

Like the palm trees in Thunderbirds. They were cool.

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This material is presented in accordance with the LEGO® Fair Play Guidelines.

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