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<   No. 3991   2019-05-13   >

Comic #3991

1 Draak: Draak think wolves mad now.
1 Kyros: Let me try a spell I learnt from a bard.
2 Kyros: {singing} All right! You sir, you sir, you flea-bitten knave! Come and visit your good friend Kyros. You sir, too sir? Welcome to the grave!
3 SFX: Fwack-cleave!! {a fireball with swirling swords engulfs the scene}
4 {the wolves are dismembered and the remains are smouldering}
4 Lambert: Whoa! What was that?!
4 Kyros: A Song of Slice and Fire.

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I always wondered why George R. R. Martin decided to call his novel series A Song of Ice and Fire instead of A Song of Fire and Ice. Now that I bother to look, it seems that he himself has acknowledged a debt to Robert Frost's poem Fire and Ice as inspiration for his title. But it doesn't explain why he reversed the order of the words. Maybe just to be different?

Oh and yes, Kyros has been very busy mastering other forms of magic in the period when the characters went their separate ways for a few years. Even magic that isn't entirely fire-based!

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