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<   No. 405   2004-03-05   >

Comic #405

1 Lambert: {in the tavern} Mordekai, do you visit the sewers under the city?
1 Mordekai: Yep. A few people in my guild do.
2 Mordekai: It's dangerous though. The most fearsome creatures in the city are down there. People who stay topside have no idea.
3 Lambert: You call the city streets "topside"?
3 Mordekai: Yeah, most of us do.
4 Lambert: What do you call it down in the sewers, then?
4 Mordekai: Sewer-cide.

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We don't see enough of Mordekai. I figure there's a few good jokes lurking in his thieving... sorry, rogueish background.

Martin Ross points out that this strip was posted on the eve of the Jewish celebration of Purim. Mordekai is one of the main heroes of the Jewish people in the events that are recalled and celebrated by Purim. Brilliant and subtle planning by me, or outright coincidence?

The latter, unfortunately.

2013-02-13 Rerun commentary: Just to make the above comment perfectly clear, that's not this Mordekai who is a hero of the Jewish people. It's a different guy, more commonly known as Mordecai.

Though this Mordekai would probably not bat an eyelid at taking credit.

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