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<   No. 4062   2019-08-20   >

Comic #4062

1 Alvissa: Never mind whose fault it is! We have to do something! Kyros?!
1 Kyros: It’s a demon lord! It has magic resistance!
2 Kyros: And it’s virtually invulnerable to normal damage!
2 Draak: Draak smash!
3 SFX: Club!! {Draak hits Juiblex on the pseudopod with his club}
4 {Juiblex is knocked unconscious on the ground}
4 Alvissa: How...?
4 Mordekai: Drastic times call for Draak stick measures...

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Writing this comic, I had to decide which pronoun to use to refer to Juiblex. Being a pile of slime, I decided—quite reasonably I thought—to go with "it".

But looking it up just now, I was somewhat surprised to see that Juiblex is referred to as "he" by both Wikipedia and an official Wizards of the Coast informational article, and explicitly as "Gender: Masculine" by Forgotten Realms Wiki.

Now, as stated already, Juiblex is a pile of slime. It has eyeballs and sometimes mouths, but no sexual organs and there's no a priori reason to assume it's either male or female in any physical sense. Sure, maybe Juiblex self-identifies as masculine or feminine, but honestly, why would it bother with such human (or multicellular) concepts at all when it's a Lord of Oozes and Slimes, none of which have sexes or genders themselves?

So I'm pretty comfortable calling Juiblex an "it".

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