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<   No. 4084   2019-09-19   >

Comic #4084

1 Mike: An army of troglodytes charge into the chamber!
2 Mike: The foul stench exuding from their slimy bodies saps your strength. Save versus poison.
3 Dustin: Since when do troglodytes smell bad?
3 Lucas: Since forever! Did you even read the rulebooks?
4 Dustin: We’re not supposed to know everything about all the monsters!
4 Lucas: Have you ever even played D&D?

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As much as I admire The Duffer Brothers and their mostly authentic recreation of the 1980s as a setting in Stranger Things, they seriously got their representation of Dungeons & Dragons off. I already talked about "the Demogorgon" in the previous strip of this new theme.

The shooting script of Episode 1 contains the following lines (page 5):

MIKE: An army of Troglodytes charge into the chamber!
He slams SIX WINGED MINIATURES onto the map.

Now, troglodytes are described in D&D as:

Like Balrogs, they don't have wings.

Fortunately, this was just the shooting script. It's difficult to see in the episode as the miniatures are only shown for a fraction of a second, but I'm reasonably sure the miniatures used don't have wings.

Anyway, enough of me ranting about D&D. Admittedly it's a subject I'm passionate about. We only critique that which we love. And rest assured, this new Stranger Things theme is not going to just be D&D nitpicking - it just happens that the opening scene involves the game. We'll be getting on into some other jokes and maybe even some story development soon.

A few readers have pointed out that it's more realistic for a D&D game to be played with incorrect/mismatched/improvised miniatures than it is for the players to have exactly the right miniatures to represent the monsters. I would argue back, but... this is actually true.

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