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<   No. 4110   2019-10-25   >

Comic #4110

1 Adam: Actually, there’s another more pertinent myth we can test: that the Loch Ness Monster is attracted to whisky!
2 SFX: glug glug glug glug! {Adam pours a bottle overboard}
3 Cameraman: Th-th-that'll never work!
4 Adam: Too dilute, you think?
4 Cameraman: No, that's a lowland whisky!!

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Nessie naturally prefers highland whiskies.

Scotch whisky is often classified by the region of production, and each region has typical characteristics of flavour and aroma profiles that distinguish them from other regions - although a few individual distilleries will produce whiskies that are atypical of their region. The regions and the associated flavour profiles are explained in many articles online, but here's one I found enlightening.

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