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<   No. 4115   2019-11-01   >

Comic #4115

1 Lambert: Draak, N.
1 Draak: Nymph.
2 Dwalin: Owlbear.
2 Kyros: Ooh, nice one.
3 Kyros: I once tried to hybridise owls and bears, but I ended up with a beast with the body of an owl and the head of a bear.
4 Lambert: A bearowl? That just sounds stupid.
4 Kyros: I know. Not at all like an owlbear, right?

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The owlbear is a classic Dungeons & Dragons monster, with the body of a bear and the head of an owl.

Sounds silly, I know. And my first playing group when I was in early high school all thought it was too - until they stumbled into the owlbear lair in the Caves of Chaos in the adventure module The Keep on the Borderlands. All their characters died in that encounter, ripped to shreds by the horrid beast's owl beak and bear claws. Presumably they were eaten, and their bones regurgitated in owlbear pellets.

Anyway. Owlbears are not to be treated lightly.

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