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<   No. 4149   2019-12-19   >

Comic #4149

1 Lambert: Alvissa, R.
1 Alvissa: Remorhaz.
2 Lambert: Oooh, obscure. I would have bet on you going for rust monster.
3 Mordekai: Hmmm. We could make this game more interesting by turning it into a gambling game.
4 Lambert: How is that more interesting?
4 Mordekai: I’d earn more interest on my assets, for starters.

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In Dungeons & Dragons, a remorhaz is a giant invertebrate monster, resembling a huge (20-40 foot long) centipede with wing-like flaps on its back. It lives in icy arctic climates, and generates an enormous amount of internal heat - enough to cause burning damage to people fighting the monster, and to melt metal weapons that stick into its body. It is a relatively obscure monster that many adventurers will never encounter.

The rust monster, on the other hand, is one of the more iconic D&D monsters, meriting a Wikipedia page that I am more confident won't be deleted at some point (unlike the remorhaz page).

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