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<   No. 4213   2020-03-18   >

Comic #4213

1 Mercutio: These are prop guns to shoot the “Member of Parliament” with.
2 Bar patron 1: Guns? That seems a bit modern an’ hoity-toity. Can’t I just stab ’im with a knife?
3 Mercutio: But then you’d really kill him. With a gun you can pretend to kill him.
4 Bar patron 1: Where’s the fun in that?
4 Bar patron 2: Oy!

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Dictionaries tell me that "hoity-toity" is used to mean "pompous, pretentious, snobbish, high-falutin, assuming an air of importance" in both UK and US English. Phew!

I got into trouble recently when I was talking about one of my favourite restaurants in an online conversation, and I described it as "a bit swish".

An American respondent asked: Um... do you really mean a bit... homosexual... or does that mean something else in Australian English?

For the record, "swish" in British/Australian English means "fancy, posh, stylish, elegant, expensive".

Although I have eaten in some places that could definitely be described as "swish" in the US sense.

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