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<   No. 423   2004-03-23   >

Comic #423

1 Paris: We've received a radio call from the planet we're approaching. It's from a group who claim the government is oppressive.
2 Paris: They want us to bring our shipment of arms directly to them so they can fight against the authoritarian regime.
3 Iki Piki: What do they call themselves?
3 Paris: Delta Ohm.
4 Spanners: Hmm. Obviously a resistance movement.

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I saw the punchline for this in a net-chat, courtesy of TeeCee.

For those scratching their heads, see here.

2013-03-06 Rerun commentary: The planet shown in the background is another one I generated using the freeware POV-Ray raytracing software. It is actually an image of the planet of Smith Island, which I invented for the real life roleplaying campaign on which the Space theme is based. In fact, if you connect the dots from this comic to the description of this planet, you'll see that it may well be primed for a revolution.

I'd re-render the planet bigger for you all to appreciate, but alas the POV code I wrote 14 years ago (probably for something like POV-Ray version 1.01 or something) doesn't seem to like the latest version of POV-Ray on my new machine (MegaPOV 3.6), and I don't have time to debug it right now.

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