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<   No. 422   2004-03-22   >

Comic #422

1 Monty: {desparingly over Prof. Jones' body, still under the giant frog} Oh dad! This is terrible! I never told you what a positive influence on my life you've been!
2 {scene change: Head Death's desk}
2 Head Death: {on the phone} No, optimal personnel requirements for concurrent performance of the designated mission task are not fulfilled. We have to let him live.
3 {scene change: back to Venezuela}
3 Prof. Jones: {sitting up as the frog hops away} Junior! I'm still alive!
3 Monty: Dad!
4 Prof. Jones: Now what was that about a positive influence?
4 Monty: You must have been hallucinating, dad.

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Translated into English, Head Death is saying, "We ain't got enough guys for the job."

And it seems even the legendary Monty Jones has trouble telling his dad how he really feels about him.

2013-03-05 Rerun commentary: Head Death is still being portrayed with a bit of corporate buzzword-speak personality here. I'm glad I gave that up eventually.

You can see in the second panel how the Infinite Featureless Plane of Death is not actually infinite in the reality in which I take the photos. That's a corner of the large LEGO baseplate in the background behind his head.

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