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<   No. 4303   2020-07-22   >

Comic #4303

1 Jamie: I’ve run some numbers. Humans have about 10 pints of blood.
2 Jamie: So transfusing one pint will dilute the blood alcohol concentration to roughly 10% of the original value.
3 Jamie: So if you donate to me, I won’t even get tipsy unless you’re completely off-your-face hammered legless. Almost comatose in fact.
4 Adam: Okay! I better get started on the vodka then!

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This also means that when you donate blood, they take roughly 10% of your blood.

No wonder they tell you to take it easy for the rest of the day.

I mentioned my 44th blood donation in the annotation to this comic from 2011. Since then, I got up to 60 blood donations, but unfortunately the last time I tried to go in to donate, they decided that my recent medical history disqualified me from ever donating again, for my own safety. So I'm never going to reach the 100 that I was aiming for.

Maybe if I can inspire 40 readers to go and donate, that will help make up for it...

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