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<   No. 442   2004-04-12   >

Comic #442

1 Erwin: Look, Herr Kolonel! Ein Tyrannosaurus! {points at a large Tyrannosaurs looming over them}
1 Haken: Careful, Erwin.
2 Haken: We must be careful to use all das knowledge we have from die most up to date theories Nazi science has about der dinosaurs.
3 Erwin: Dinosaurs are cold-blooded, extremely stupid, incredibly slow, and barely strong enough to hold up their own weight?
4 Haken: Ja. So we just sneak up and slip this rope around its foot... {Tyrannosaurus moves swiftly, nimbly, and intelligently to attack}

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Indeed, in the 1930s the state-of-the-art in dinosaur knowledge was pretty much like what Erwin says.

Nowadays we have some pretty good evidence that dinosaurs were warm-blooded, moderately intelligent animals, who were superbly adapted for speed and strength. As Haken and Erwin are about to find out...

2013-03-28 Rerun commentary: The rope is actually just a piece of packing twine I cut from a ball of string. I had to go buy a ball of string just so that I could use some as a LEGO scale rope prop.

Interestingly, I don't think Haken is holding the rope in the first panel. It must have been in his back pocket. This is a comic, after all.

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