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<   No. 444   2004-04-14   >

Comic #444

1 GM: {rolling eyes} Okay, roll against Chess at default then...
2 GM: {triumphantly} 3! Ha!! Critical success!!! You've beaten Death!
3 Kyros: Hang on! I don't want to win! I want them to stay dead so I can loot the bodies!
4 Draak: {suddenly alive again} What you say?
4 Kyros: Er...

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2013-03-30 Rerun commentary: I've been trying to figure out what that thing on the bookshelf behind me, just above the word "MAGIC" in the second panel, is. I can't for the life of me work out what it is.

The small blue object on the shelf above is a dinosaur - a small plastic Tyrannosaurus model that came with the game Dino Hunt.

And GURPS Grimoire is a book of game rules for magic spells in the GURPS roleplaying game, designed for use in all sorts of games with magic, from standard "swords and sorcery" fantasy, to modern day and futuristic settings that also happen to include magic. For example, some of the spells operate on computers or other machines.

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