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<   No. 4445   2021-02-05   >

Comic #4445

1 Jamie: You’re applying the scientific method incorrectly, Adam.
2 Jamie: We’ve collected evidence that folk hangover cures do not speed up recovery above and beyond the simple passage of time.
3 Jamie: So we’ve busted all of those cures, but shown consistency with time as a cure. So we cannot eliminate that hypothesis.
4 Adam: There’s just one thing I don’t understand.
4 Jamie: Yes?
4 Adam: “Scientific method”?

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Science progresses by demonstrating that some things are wrong, not by proving that anything is right. If you accumulate evidence that does not show that something is wrong, then you gain increased confidence that it's right, but you can never be certain. If the next experiment contradicts what you thought, then you've discovered that it was wrong and you need to find something else.

The scientific theories that survive this constant onslaught of experiments and observations over many years are the ones that we have the most confidence in. We use them as long as they're useful and we continue to find no reason to doubt them.

So busting myths is fine, but confirming them is always provisional.

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