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<   No. 4541   2021-06-21   >

Comic #4541

1 Adam: Right. Transylvania is a couple of hours north of Bucharest. Vampire country!
2 Adam: Now we just need to find some evil blood-sucking predators.
3 Jamie: And how are we going to do that?
4 Adam: Taxi!!!

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Wow. I was going to point out that taxi drivers are on TV Tropes' list of Acceptable Professional Targets... but I'm surprised to see they're not listed. This is very surprising to me.

At least in my experience, taxi drivers are stereotypically characterised as greedy and corrupt, constantly flouting the road rules and the various laws regulating their business. I know from experience that taxi drivers regularly think they're fine to ignore "no stopping" zones, holding up traffic by stopping in places where anyone else would risk being fined and towed away.

I mean sure, perhaps not all taxi drivers are like that. And maybe it's just local to where I live. But there are definitely rotten apples in that barrel.

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