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<   No. 4604   2021-09-16   >

Comic #4604

1 Steve: So what sorts of wildlife does Texas have? Crocs? Grape-sized jellyfish with venom that kills in five minutes? Giant birds with disembowelling claws?
2 Terry: There’s alligators. And black bears. And mountain lions.
3 Steve: Crikey!
4 Steve: So, nothing you’d actually call dangerous, then?

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I saw a thread on AskReddit recently which asked the question "What's the most horrifying thing you know?" or some similar question. The top answer was rabies.

Reading through the comments, I was indeed horrified by many of the facts about this dreadful disease. Like as soon as you start showing symptoms, it's too late, you're almost certainly going to die. And die a horrible, painful, excruciating death as you slowly go insane from it. And that you can be infected with rabies for a year or more without knowing it before the symptoms develop.

And that rabies can be transmitted to you completely unknowingly by things like being outdoors and having a mouse or a raccoon or a squirrel or a tiny tiny bat so much as scratch you - something that it's possible to not even notice at the time. Especially if you ever sleep outdoors, such as when camping.

I've said before, I don't really understand the popular idea that Australia is full of dangerous wildlife, when compared to places like the USA that have mountain lions, and friggin' bears roaming around.

And now I discover that even tiny otherwise harmless critters there can give you rabies and you will die possibly the most horrible death it's possible to imagine.

If you're terrified of dying due to wildlife, come to Australia, where it's relatively safe. Because we don't have no stinking rabies here. That's one thing I'm very glad I don't have to worry about.

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