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<   No. 4736   2022-04-18   >

Comic #4736

1 Jane Goodall: This talk about reconstructing a living being from parts has given me an idea.
2 Jane Goodall: What if we take a bunch of body parts from dead people and sew them together into one creature, and then use electricity to bring it to life?
3 Terry: That’s... a very Frankenstein idea.
4 Jane Goodall: Not really. It’s a single idea, not one cobbled together from bits and pieces.

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The area of Sydney where I live has an odd and tangential connection to Frankenstein. There is a suburb here named Wollstonecraft, after one Edward Wollstonecraft, who was the nephew of Mary Wollstonecraft, the well known 18th century writer and feminist and mother of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, author of Frankenstein.

Edward moved to Australia partly to escape the reputation of his aunt, which had become rather infamous in the conservative 18th century London social circle after the publication of her feminist philosophical treatise A Vindication of the Rights of Woman. Edward became a successful businessman in Sydney, establishing an importing business and receiving a grant of land in northern Sydney on which to build an estate. That estate has now been broken up and the land encompasses a few modern suburbs in the area - one of which became named Wollstonecraft.

Edward died in 1832 and was buried in the graveyard of St Thomas' Anglican Church near his estate. His tomb is shared with his sister Elizabeth and stands to this day, an imposing pyramid-shaped construction in the old graveyard. I often walk past it when walking around the area or taking my dog for a walk. Here's a photo I took:

Tomb inscription: SACRED to the memory OF ELIZABETH, the Wife of ALEXANDER BERRY, MEMBER of COUNCIL, Who died The 11th of APRIL, 1845, Aged 63 Years. Also of Her BROTHER, EDWARD WOLLSTONECRAFT, JUSTICE of the PEACE, Who died The 7th of DECEMBER, 1832, Aged 49 Years. HIS remains were removed from the SYDNEY Burial Ground in MARCH, 1846, and deposited in this TOMB.

So Mary Shelley's cousin is buried not far from where I live. There's also a Mary Wollstonecraft Lane in a nearby suburb too.

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