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<   No. 501   2004-06-10   >

Comic #501

1 Ophelia: {at Will's desk} Will, would you like to see the new Harry Potter movie with me tonight? I have two tickets.
2 Shakespeare: I'd love to Ophelia, but I have a deadline on this freelance writing assignment...
2 Ophelia: Oh, okay.
3 Shakespeare: {to himself, as Ophelia walks back to her desk} Hermione would grace mine eyes this night/ but for this damn Nigerian deadline.
4 Ophelia: {at her desk, to herself} Oh Will, these tickets were for thy delight;/ so that thou knowest that I would be thine.

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When this strip appeared Ophelia's last line was originally, "to let thou knowest that I would be thine."

But mandareevz immediately pointed out that "thou knowest" is the inappropriate nominative case, and should be "thee know", in the accusative case. Unfortunately, this would remove a syllable and throw off the iambic pentameter.

So he kindly came up with the alternate line that you now see, which is, I am assured by people more fluent in archaic English than myself, grammatically correct.

2013-06-05 Rerun commentary: The new film at the time this comic was published would have been Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. By an odd coincidence I am currently (as I write this rerun annotation) rereading the book of the same title. I've recently watched all of the films and then started reading the books again. While the films are good, I'm rediscovering just how much better the books are.

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