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<   No. 5035   2023-08-18   >

Comic #5035

1 Siobhan: No, no, no. Look, that strategy will never work in this board game.
2 Siobhan: To invade Earth successfully, you need a coordinated plan! Find and exploit their weak spots.
3 Siobhan: Use blitzkrieg tactics to seize strategic resources, control communication networks, and sow fear and panic, thus dividing humanity.
4 Siobhan: If you do this you could subjugate Earth with as few as three Martians!
4 Martian 1: Go on.
4 Ishmael: Um...

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I had to double check just now to make sure that "blitzkrieg" and "seize" were spelt like that. The fact that "ie" and "ei" can make the same vowel sound is deeply disturbing to me.

I think here the Germans have the right idea - they would pronounce "seize" the same as "size", because in German the "ei" combination is always pronounced as a long "i", while the "ie" combination is always pronounced as a long "e".

This is what we get for getting our vocabulary and spelling from so many other languages.

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