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<   No. 510   2004-06-19   >

Comic #510

1 Draak: {in the bar} ... then thief say, "Give me two pounds." So Draak hit him. Twice.
1 Lambert, Kyros, Alvissa, Mordekai: Ho ho ho!
2 GM: {angrily} Okay, I've had enough of you guys lounging around in a tavern, making unconnected smalltalk and stupid puns.
3 GM: {now with a happy look} I want to develop an ongoing storyline for this campaign. So, you're going on a quest!
4 Lambert: Uh oh. I knew we shouldn't have let the GM watch all three Lord of the Rings DVDs back to back.

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Yes folks, they're off on a quest! Aren't you excited?!

I've been thinking for some time now that I don't use the fantasy and space characters as much as I used to, and I'd like to try to bring them back into things a bit more. The trouble is the ongoing storylines are much easier for me to write strips for than the disconnected one-off gags that fantasy and space kept getting. So I'm going to try this as an experiment and see how we go. There won't be a fantasy strip every 3 strips the way Monty Jones is currently going, but you should see it a bit more often that it has been appearing lately.

2013-06-15 Rerun commentary: Well that worked out well, didn't it?

It's actually a fairly common form of evolution in webcomics. They begin with unconnected gags, then slowly develop into ongoing storylines with some semblance of continuity and all. If the story gets considerably more dramatic, this is Cerebus Syndrome. But if it remains light-hearted and comedic, just with enhanced continuity, then that's merely Continuity Creep.

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