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<   No. 504   2004-06-13   >

Comic #504

1 Lambert: {to an armoured knight in the bar} You're competing in the grand tournament? Draak was thinking of entering.
2 Knight: But you must be a knight or royal man-at-arms!
2 Lambert: Yeah, he's training to become a knight.
3 Knight: But didn't you say he's your full-time bodyguard?
3 Lambert: Yep.
4 Knight: So how does he have the time to train?
4 Draak: Draak go to knight school!

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The problem with using 28mm figures and LEGO figures together is that they're different scales. In the past I've actually used forced perspective to make the LEGO figures look smaller by putting them further from the camera, but this time I just put some extra LEGO tiles under Lambert and Draak.

I really need to paint some more miniatures so I can have more characters of the right scale to interact with these guys.

2013-06-08 Rerun commentary: I can just imagine a pseudo-medieval period fantasy English boarding school drama, along the lines of Harry Potter, only with young squires training to be knights and go slaying monsters and stuff.

There's an idea for a hit children's book series right there.

EDIT: And a good idea too. Several readers wrote to mention Tamora Pierce's two quartets of young adult novels The Song of the Lioness and Protector of the Small as examples of young pages (girls in both cases) going through a boarding school to become knights and heroes. The novels however take place in a fantasy kingdom, so lack some of the little British refinements such as tea and crumpets. :-)

Another example, in a lighter vein and for younger children, is Kate McMullen's Dragon Slayer's Academy series.

And not to be outdone, there's even a British TV series, called Knight School (of all things) along broadly similar lines.

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