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<   No. 537   2004-07-16   >

Comic #537

1 Shakespeare: {distraught at his cheque being ripped up} O you gods! Why do you make us love your goodly gifts, And snatch them straight away?
2 Ophelia: Calm down, Will. That Nigerian cheque would have bounced anyway. Come on, forget about it. let's go have lunch.
3 Shakespeare: Thou know'st that all my fortunes are at sea;/ Neither have I money nor commodity.
4 Ophelia: Oh, okay then... I'm buying.
4 Shakespeare: {leaping to his feet enthusiastically} I'm in!

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Pericles, Prince of Tyre, Act III, Scene 1:

O you gods!
Why do you make us love your goodly gifts,
And snatch them straight away?
Pericles is here actually lamenting the loss of his beloved wife Thaisa in childbirth, not the tearing up of a cheque from the Nigerian Finance Minstry. Similar sentiment, though.

The Merchant of Venice, Act I, Scene 1:

Thou know'st that all my fortunes are at sea;
Neither have I money nor commodity
To raise a present sum: therefore go forth;
Try what my credit can in Venice do:
That shall be rack'd, even to the uttermost,
To furnish thee to Belmont, to fair Portia.
Go, presently inquire, and so will I,
Where money is, and I no question make
To have it of my trust or for my sake.
Antonio here resolves that although his rich merchant fleet is currently on the seas, thus leaving him with no ready cash, he will help his good friend Bassanio to raise the funds to travel to Venice and woo the fair Portia, by using his good standing in Venetian society to borrow some money for Bassanio. This leads to a series of events which... well, if you don't know the story you really should go check it out, because it's a good one.

It's interesting and tricky trying to find suitable quotations from Shakespeare to use in a different context as dialogue in a strip, such that they still make sense. Anyway, it seems Ophelia is finally getting to go on a lunch date with Will.

2013-07-17 Rerun commentary: I'm not quite sure why Will doesn't have any money here. I guess his job as a tech writer doesn't pay much.

Or maybe he just doesn't have any cash on him today.

What, do you expect me to know? I only write this stuff!

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