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<   No. 553   2004-08-01   >

Comic #553

1 Monty: {walking through a zeppelin corridor} Well, we're safe for now, and grandad's probably hidden safely somewhere inside the zeppelin too.
2 Prof. Jones: {walking into a room with panoramic windows} I don't understand why he released the dinosaurs though. A sign of senility, probably.
3 Monty: Well he must have had a really good reason, whatever it was.
4 Prof. Jones: Oh don't be ridiculous. You're just saying that because you had the idea first. {through the windows behind them we see Minnesota Jones flying away riding on the back of a pteranodon}

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I hope it's clear enough that that's Minnesota Jones escaping on a pteranodon in the last panel.

Visual gags are cool, but a little difficult to set up properly sometimes.

2013-08-05 Rerun commentary: In reality, no pteranodon that we know of could have supported the weight of a grown human. It's at the outside edge of possibility that the larger Quetzalcoatlus (a pterodactyl-like flying reptile, not a pteranodon) might possibly have been able to lift a small adult human.

LEGO really should make a Quetzalcoatlus figure, so we can do some proper testing.

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