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<   No. 576   2004-08-24   >

Comic #576

1 {scene: the blacksmith's shop, yadda yadda yadda}
1 Lambert: We'll need to steal more than 2000 gold pieces for my new sword. Alvissa could use a new bow...
2 Alvissa: Er, no, it's okay. Really. I can carve one out of wood while we're travelling.
3 Lambert: You can't carve a bow!
4 Alvissa: I'm an elf, you little twerp!

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I'm hoping the punchline is obvious enough there.

If not, Alvissa is implying: "I'm an elf, you little twerp! I have strange and secret l33t skillz in woodcraft! I can too carve a bow if I say so! So there!"

2013-08-31 Rerun commentary: Indeed. She can probably carve the bowstrings and all.

And "twerp" is a cool word. You may consider that it isn't a word that Alvissa should be using, but the Oxford English Dictionary claims that the word may actually have been invented by none other than J.R.R. Tolkien, and that it may be a form of the word "dwarf".* Can't get more authentically elvish than that!

* The origin is somewhat uncertain, and this is but one theory. But given any other alternative, I know what one I'm going for.

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