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<   No. 615   2004-10-02   >

Comic #615

1 [newspaper]: WASHINGTON - In a surprise move, the Allosaurus who announced in March his intention to run for the US Presidency has agreed to a televised debate with President Bush. The Bush campaign issued the challenge, calculating that showing the public exactly what species they could be voting for in November might shock them into sticking with a human.
1 [newspaper]: "He has no experience in speechifyin'," said a defiant Bush, "I'll bite his head off!" The Allosaurus quietly expressed the opinon that if anyone was going to bite heads off, it would be him.
1 [newspaper]: The Allosaurus campaign is confident that Bush's tactic will backfire. "All our candidate can do is roar," said a campaign spokesperson, "but we think that puts him at a distinct advantage in an intellectual debate over the President."

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The Allosaurus announced his campaign back in #408.

I pondered - rather deeply - whether I should make such a "political" strip, since I don't particularly want to make any sort of political statements with Irregular Webcomic, but in the end I thought this was just too funny not to do. That's it, plain and simple.

Being an Australian, I have the typical highly irreverent Australian sense of humour, and I love to poke fun at everything and everybody. And when I make fun of something, that doesn't imply that I am condemning that thing. (Quite the opposite in many cases, in fact.)

So although I do have an opinion of President Bush, don't read this comic as pushing a derogatory opinion, any more than you would assume I'm pushing a derogatory opinion of roleplaying games or Star Wars. I'm just making a joke. And I'll continue making jokes about anything that strikes me as funny, whether or not readers may be tempted to read more into it than I intended. If you bring your own political (or any other) baggage here, I take no responsibility for it.

More information about Allosaurus for President is available at his Official Campaign Page.

2013-10-16 Rerun commentary: Oh wow, this is a real blast from the past. A strip that is now quite obviously showing its age.

To make this strip, I modified the colour of Bush's suit to make it match the red tie, white shirt, blue suit look that the real life G.W.B. seemed to favour for incredibly subtle symbolically jingoistic reasons. The minifig suit was actually grey, and I colourised it.

I made no such modifications to the Allosaurus, since he is clearly perfect in every way as he is.

As I write this rerun note, the real world US Government is currently in a financial lockdown over some Congress/budget thing that I don't have a full working understanding of. (The situation may have been resolved by the time this is published.) All I can say is: Do you think this would have happened if the Allosaurus was running the country?

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