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<   No. 619   2004-10-06   >

Comic #619

1 Monty: {only his upper body showing out of the hole he has dug in the cell floor} The tunnel's nearly done, dad.
2 Prof. Jones: We'll have to wait for Dr Smith to return so we can escape together, of course.
3 Monty: {stepping out of the tunnel} We can't afford to hang around here waiting!
3 Prof. Jones: She needs to be rescued!
4 {scene change: Hitler's brain's chamber}
4 Hitler's Brain: So, Kolonel Haken and Erwin will take you wherever you wish to go, in luxury.
4 Ginny: Right. Santorini.

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Santorini is a small group of Greek islands in the Aegean Sea, 70km north of Crete. The islands form a circular shape around the sunken crater of a volcano, which exploded around 1600 BC. Prior to this time, it was an outpost of the Minoan culture which was based on Crete.

Various hypotheses have been put forward over the years, claiming variously that the explosion of Santorini produced tidal waves and flooding that destroyed Atlantean civilisation on Crete, or that Santorini itself was Atlantis. Neither holds up to modern archaeology, but in the early decades of the 20th century such speculations were rife.

2013-10-21 Rerun commentary: Santorini is also a nice place to go on a Nazi-funded junket if you have convinced them you know the location of Atlantis but in reality you know there's no such thing.

What is Dr Smith up to here? Ooooh, it's all so mysterious.

That's excellent progress on the escape tunnel, by the way. Sallah hasn't even had time to show up and shortcut their escape yet.

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