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<   No. 626   2004-10-13   >

Comic #626

1 Mordekai: {still hanging out in the tavern} Okay, so why aren't we now fighting and wrecking the place?
1 Lambert: I think the GM is in a plot corner.
2 GM: How much has each of you had to drink?
3 Lambert: Several ales.
3 Draak: Draak drink stout!
3 Mordekai: Lots of spiced mead.
3 Kyros: Maybe some cider, why?
4 GM: {grinning evilly} You all wake up in the morning with splitting headaches and no memory of the night before...

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Sorry, it's really tough to show a bar room brawl effectively with miniature figures...

2013-10-29 Rerun commentary: Hmm. I think that line should be "How much have each of you had to drink?" I can't imagine why I would have written in with "has" instead of "have".

The sentence is a simple extension of "How much have you had to drink?" I'd never write "How much has you had to drink?"

I must have had some sort of grammar fade at the time.

EDIT: Thank you to the dozens, the multiple dozens, of people who wrote to tell me that I got it right in the comic and that my re-run musing about how I'd stuffed up the grammar was in fact itself stuffed up. The subject of the verb is "each of you", not "you", so it's a third person singular noun, not a second person singular or plural. The correct analogy here is "How much has Draak had to drink?" not "How much has you had to drink?"

I should learn my lesson and not think about grammar too hard, lest correct things start sounding wrong.

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