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<   No. 621   2004-10-08   >

Comic #621

1 Alvissa: {alone, on her trip to get a new bow} I'm sure the others will have safely retrieved those merchant schedules by the time I return with my new bow.
2 GM: Bad roleplaying. I'm docking character points.
3 Alvissa: What for?!
4 GM: You're the only one who doesn't have Insane Overconfidence.

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My expression in the last panel wasn't quite the look I was going for, but it looked so goofy I decided to use it.

2013-10-23 Rerun commentary: It's tough to get the expression right when doing this sort of self-photography. I set up a camera on a tripod, triggered the 10-second delay shutter release, scrambled around into my seat, picked up the roleplaying book to hold up in front of me, and then tried to put on the appropriate expression for the panel I was shooting.

In many cases, I checked the result on the back of the camera and decided I needed to redo it. Over the course of the comic, I think I reshot roughly half the self-portraits to get a better expression, discarding the first attempts. It's a bit like directing an actor for a film or stage play, except I'm the actor and the director. And I have no idea what I'm really doing.

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