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<   No. 667   2004-11-23   >

Comic #667

1 Haken: So die Minoans were die Atlanteans?
2 Ginny: No, they came here thousands of years after Atlantis was destroyed and built on the ruins.
3 Haken: Ah! Like die Third Reich will build on die ruins of all who oppose it!
4 Erwin: {returning to the conversation after carefully examining the bull statues} Except die Führer wants die Reich to be like Atlantis, not Minos...

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According to Plato's chronology, Atlantis prospered around 9000 BC. The Minoan civilisation existed from about 2000 BC to 1400 BC, so would have been some 7000 years later.

2013-12-16 Rerun commentary: What actually happened around 9000 BC? The first settlements at Göbekli Tepe and Jericho. This roughly marks the transition from the Mesolithic (or Middle Stone Age) to the Neolithic (New Stone Age) Era.

This would be roughly around the time of The Flintstones.

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