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<   No. 675   2004-12-01   >

Comic #675

1 Shakespeare: {at his desk} Ughnnn...
1 Ophelia: {looking out from her desk, concerned} What's wrong Will, are you okay?
2 Shakespeare: I have a headache after that meeting with Mr Marlowe.
3 Ophelia: {going to Will's desk} Well that's understandable. Here, I have some headache pills. {hands Will a small box}
4 Ophelia: Be careful, though, they're homeopathic. Take two for a normal headache, one for a severe one.

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Homeopathy is a pseudo-scientific form of alternative "medicine" based on the principle that the more diluted you make a drug, the more powerful its effects. Homeopathic remedies are often diluted to the point where you may as well be taking distilled water.

Apparently, to those who believe in this sort of nonsense, this makes perfect sense, even though it leads to the logical conclusion expressed by Ophelia here.

2013-12-25 Rerun commentary: Then there's the homeopathic terrorist, who threatens to put one highly diluted drop of poison into the ocean.

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