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<   No. 721   2005-01-16   >

Comic #721

1 {scene: Dr Smith and Erwin are enjoying a picnic on a tablecloth set out on the floor of the labyrinth}
1 Ginny: So how did you get to be a Nazi?
2 Erwin: It was put on die brown shirt, or get beaten up by die other boys in high school.
4 Ginny: Did it work?
4 Erwin: Not really.

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The Sturmabteilung was a Nazi paramilitary organisation which supported Hitler's rise to power in the 1920s and 30s. It was also known as the Brown Shirts because of the colour of their uniform.

The term "brown shirt" is still used to this day to refer disparagingly to people holding extremist political views.

To make this scene I had to snip down a Lego flame piece (which are quite big) to make a tiny piece suitable for use as a candle flame. I have dozens of them, so it was no great loss. This was the second time I've had to deliberately destroy a Lego piece for use in the comic. The first was Death of Insanely Overpowered Fireballs' scythe.

2014-02-17 Rerun commentary: It seems that not only did Erwin bring sandwiches, he also brought a picnic blanket, a plate, two goblets, and a candle!

Never enter a potentially deadly labyrinth unprepared.

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