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<   No. 725   2005-01-20   >

Comic #725

1 Iki Piki: {looking at Paris' lifeless decapitated cyberspace avatar} Paris is dead? Really dead??
1 Spanners: Afraid so.
2 Iki Piki: Man, this is heavy. Who's going to pilot the ship? She's the only one who knows how!
3 Serron: Actually, I think we have more important considerations to think about.
4 Spanners: Such as?
4 Serron: Who gets her cabin?

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Paris is the actual name of a character in my honest-to-goodness real space campaign. (As are the names of all these characters.) Despite being female, she's named after Paris of Troy, not after any airheaded hotel-fortune heiresses. In fact, the player who played Paris named the character before any of us had ever heard of the aforementioned heiress.

2014-02-21 Rerun commentary: I suspect I've told this story before, but she (the player) named her character Paris after Paris of Troy, who is male, and she (the player) naturally assumed that her character was likewise male.

The rest of us playing the game didn't make the connection to Paris of Troy assumed that Paris was female. I don't think we discovered the conflict until a session or two into the game, when there was the inevitable pronoun confusion, and the player said something to the effect of, "Hang on! Have all of you been assuming Paris was female the whole time?!"

Yes. We had been.

We could have changed our assumption and had Paris be male, but the player decided she would be happy enough playing a female pilot, so we went with that.

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