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<   No. 726   2005-01-21   >

Comic #726

1 {scene: The League of Good Guys' base}
1 Dino Boy: {pointing at wall-sized computer screen} Captain Spatula! The crime detecto-puter just went offline!
1 Captain Spatula: What do you think, Refractive Man? A pre-emptive strike by Aqualich?
1 [computer screen]: {displaying a message in Blue Screen of Death mode} WARNING!!! Uhh... hey, guys... you did a bad computer... thingy! You might wanna... y'know, restart or something... just... FYI...
1 Refractive Man: Nah, it's probably just Windows crashing...
2 GM: It's a clue, you superdolts!

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Dean Stahl of Steelhorse Studios says he took the error message on the computer screen from some of the dialogue by Tech Sargeant Chen in the movie Galaxy Quest. Great movie - you should see it if you haven't.

2014-02-22 Rerun commentary: The League of Good Guys is unashamedly based on DC Comics' Justice League. I wonder what operating system they'd run in the Justice League.

Actually, Batman would probably write one of his own. And it would have the right tool for any job.

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