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<   No. 730   2005-01-25   >

Comic #730

1 Monty: {still in the Minoan labyrinth} Hey, where's Sallah? Don't tell me he got lost again...
2 Minnesota Jones: He wouldn't be the only one...
3 Prof. Jones: Hey, we're not lost! We know exactly where we are.
4 Monty: Where, Dad?
4 Prof. Jones: Here!

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2014-02-27 Rerun commentary: Yeah, it's everyone else who's lost!

Getting lost is kind of fun. Well, if you do it in the "wandering around in a foreign city, but it's okay if you don't know where you are because you can always find the nearest Metro station and ride back to your hotel at the end of the day" way, rather than the "wandering around in a tropical jungle where any step could land you in a piranha-infested river and there are no traces of human civilisation for miles around, and oh, the sun is setting and it gets dark in about 3 minutes because this is the tropics and there's no twilight" way.

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