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<   No. 787   2005-03-23   >

Comic #787

1 {scene: an open field on Santorini, with Minoan bull sculptures in the background}
1 Haken: So, we have die orichalcum and are out of die labyrinth. Say your prayers, Joneses.
2 Haken: Erwin, shoot them! Herr Doktor Jones first!
2 Erwin: Jawohl, Herr Kolonel!
3 Ginny [whispering]: I'll create a diversion. You grab the orichalcum and run.
3 Monty: Diversion...?
4 {Dr Smith kisses Erwin}
4 [sound]: Smak!

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I can't use the traditional comics method of showing a whisper by using a dashed outline on the speech balloons, since they don't have outlines. But I used smaller text once, and it seemed to work okay.

And I liked the cows that we last saw back in #685 so much that I thought I should use them again.

2014-05-05 Rerun commentary: The font that Ginny's kiss sound effect is written in is called Catholic School Girls. You can download it free from the creator, Blambot.

Blambot is an absolute goldmine of fonts for webcomic creators (and font aficionados), by the way. Some cost money, but many are free. If you like fonts, check it out.

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