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<   No. 875   2005-06-19   >

Comic #875

1 Head Death: {at his desk, on the phone} What do you mean the Plagues have joined the strike?! Now they want salaries too? And employment guarantees set at medieval levels?
2 Head Death: Get me someone else, then. We have to break this strike!
3 Head Death: I don't care! Anyone who's good at collecting!
4 {scene change: inside a home}
4 Charity Collector Guy: {on the phone} A collecting job? For a worthy cause? I'm your man!

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The Charity Collector Guy has been a bit neglected lately. He last appeared in #704, although his last appearance in his regular theme was #689.

I'm not sure exactly what sort of guaranteed work levels the Plagues had back in medieval times, but I'm thinking it must have been pretty high.

2014-08-15 Rerun commentary: I don't really know who the Head Death is talking to here. We see him on the phone to what must presumably be staff of some sort a few times. I never bothered to figure out the details of how the Death organisation was staffed at the lower levels.

Presumably they must have record keepers, and a mail room, and cleaners, and an elderly lady who brings around a trolley laden with tea and biscuits every afternoon. The alternative is too gruesome to imagine.

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