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<   No. 90   2003-04-24   >

Comic #90

1 Prof. Jones: This isn't about archaeology. It's a race against evil! If the Nazis get it, armies of darkness will march across the face of the Earth!
2 Prof. Jones: Do you understand me?!
2 Monty: This is an obsession, dad. I've never understood it. Never.
3 Monty: It's like some sort of Holy Grail or something!
4 Prof. Jones: You have no idea what I'm talking about, do you?

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When I was putting this strip together, I got to the stage where the photos were assembled and I was ready to put in the text, and I realised I'd completely forgotten the joke I had in mind when I started taking the photos.

So I had to come up with a new joke by staring at just the pictures on the screen. I think this must be much funnier than whatever it was I started thinking about. If I forgot the original joke that easily, it can't have been very good...

2012-02-11 Rerun commentary: This strip must have been made at the stage before I fell into the routine of actually writing my gags down before taking the photos to make the comic.

Although then the problem was often that I'd take the photos and go to assemble them into a comic, and realise that the gag I'd written down was complete pants.

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