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<   No. 901   2005-07-15   >

Comic #901

1 [caption]: Larissa Railway Station, Athens.
2 Monty: Trains to Moscow are operated by the Russian railway, so we need to find a Russian employee.
3 Minnesota Jones: There's one!
4 Worker: *#&$@+&# #^$*&@*!!
4 Minnesota Jones: My mistake. He's just rude and Bulgar.

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Larissa was the daughter of Pelasgus in Ancient Greek mythology, but she's one of those obscure mythological entities for which there are no specific myths. The main station in Athens is indeed named Larissa Station, but the photo I used is one I took of a building halfway across the world in Yakima, Washington, USA. It is in fact Yakima's Capitol Theatre, but it has enough of a European railway station feel to it that I thought it worked well enough.

2014-09-15 Rerun commentary: After this comic was originally published, I received email from not one, but two different readers who happen to live in Yakima. Both expressed the stunned surprise of someone who was amazed that someone like me who lives half a world away would have ever had reason to visit their moderately sized and somewhat out-of-the-way city.

I have to admit I hadn't visited it specifically to see Yakima itself. I was on a road trip and was merely driving along a road which happened to pass through the city. But like most places you happen to find yourself, it was interesting to stop and look around a bit.

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