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<   No. 938   2005-08-21   >

Comic #938

1 [sound]: Riiing!! Riiing!!
2 Me: {answering phone} Hello? Oh! Hi! Well... yes, I know chimps don't have tails. It's just that the LEGO Group doesn't make...
3 Me: ... And their social behaviour is presented incorrectly, right. And yes... I know I'm not as funny as Gary Larson. Okay. Yes. Bye.
4 Me: {hanging up the phone} Wow. Jane Goodall.

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No, Jane Goodall hasn't actually phoned me. I suspect she's safely oblivious of the existence of my little comic.

She's not ignorant of the legendary Gary Larson, though, who drew one of his Far Side comics with two chimps grooming and one picking a hair off the other and saying, "Well, well... Another blond hair... Conducting a little more 'Research' with that Jane Goodall tramp?"

For those who don't know the rest of the story, the Jane Goodall Institute took exception to this comic, and had lawyers draft a letter to Larson, saying how despicable he, his comic, and his mother who wore army boots, were. Jane herself, however, thought it was hilariously funny and pulled her Institute and its lawyers back into line. The Institute now offers for sale T-shirts with the famous cartoon on them.

2014-10-28 Rerun commentary: Unfortunately I've had to remove the link to the T shirts, since they don't seem to be selling them any more. You can find pictures of the shirts, but you don't actually seem to be able to buy them any more.

Perhaps the Jane Goodall Institute would like to license some new comics for selling on fund-raising T shirts?? You have my phone number...

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