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<   No. 942   2005-08-25   >

Comic #942

1 {close up of Paris' face}
2 {camera zooms out a bit}
3 {camera zooms way out, showing Paris alone on an infinite featureless plane}
4 Paris: Stupid afterlife.

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Yes. She's really dead.

2014-11-01 Rerun commentary: I get the feeling that if there is an afterlife, a lot of people are going to have this reaction when they get there.

What if time: What if some government or huge company had the knowhow, resources, and desire to mount a huge Orphean rescue program? A systematic mass-raid on the afterlife to rescue dead souls and restore them to the ranks of the living? I can imagine countries in times of war doing this to reinforce their supplies of soldiers.

Or what if it became common knowledge that it was possible to raid the afterlife and bring a dead soul back, and companies started popping up to provide this as a service? How many people grieving the loss of a loved one would resist the temptation to go get them? What would this mean for Earth's population? What would a world where this was possible look like?

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