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There are several ways you can contribute to supporting Irregular Webcomic! (and my other creative endeavours):

Become a patron

Support me via Patreon. This is modelled on the old-fashioned "patron of the arts" model, in which people can support artists by providing part of the funding necessary for them to do their work. See the Patreon page for details.

Letter of thanks from Jane Goodall Institute

Donate to charity

Make one-off donations to the Jane Goodall Institute. [Donation page] If you donate to JGI, please let me know, so I can keep a total. (If you prefer another charity, feel free to donate there instead. Good vibes will still happen!)

Money raised so far for the Jane Goodall Institute: US$2,284.83.
Yes, over two thousand dollars. Thank you to everyone who has donated. Some readers have chosen to donate by sending spare cash sitting idle in PayPal to me to forward on to JGI; if you want to do this, please contact me first. To date I have forwarded on over $500 in donations to JGI, as you can see from the letter at right.

Special Jane Goodall comic strip

GURPS Casey & Andy

Buy stuff I wrote

You can buy a copy of any of the following things I have written:

Need a webhost?

If you are looking for a webhost yourself, check DreamHost. I've been very happy with their service, and if you sign up by following that link I get referral bonuses.

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